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As the Bridgend Craft Collective pilot project nears completion, the celebration event for the project is just a few weeks away.

    Trading Standards for Crafters

    Bridgend Craft Collective were very fortunate last Friday to benefit from a Trading Standards talk from David Gregory and Natalie Burrows. Their talk encompassed the relevant trading standards for a broad selection of hand-crafted items, from textiles to cosmetics to toys and was very interesting indeed.

      Pontycymmer Knitters

      Our Pontycymmer hub is packed with interesting crafters who have some amazing skills from poetry to wool felting, micro-beading to knitting and crochet. However, it is the knitting that demands a mention!

        Endangered Heritage Crafts

        A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Heritage Crafts Association Conference in London. It was a very interesting day and changed my perception of what constitutes a 'heritage' craft and what needs to be done to protect endangered crafts.

          Regular craft fairs to continue in Bridgend County Borough

          Great news for local crafters! Recently formed craft hub, Bridgend Craft Collective, will be holding regular craft fairs at Bryngarw Visitor Centre on the first Saturday of each month, starting on Saturday 2 March (11am – 4pm). After two successful craft fairs at Bryngarw Visitor Centre at the end of 2018, the events are set to continue throughout this year with even more local craft businesses now involved.

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            New Craft Hubs

            2019 has seen two new hubs open up. Thanks to the hard work of Maria Bennett, the Local Community Co-Ordinator

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