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Trading Standards for Crafters

Bridgend Craft Collective were very fortunate last Friday to benefit from a Trading Standards talk from David Gregory and Natalie Burrows. Their talk encompassed the relevant trading standards for a broad selection of hand-crafted items, from textiles to cosmetics to toys and was very interesting indeed.

The good news was that trading standards legislation is relatively pragmatic and reasonable on the whole. However, if your products are food or cosmetic, it is important to be able to identify ingredients and allergens, label appropriately and in the case of cosmetics, have products tested by a competent person, keeping a product file for each separate product.

Both trading standards officers agreed that there are quite a few crafters out there making bath bombs and selling them. These are trendy and relatively easy to make in your kitchen at home. However, it is worth noting that cosmetics such as these need a comprehensive product file for each fragrance and each fragrance type also needs to be tested by a competent person. Allergens (identified from a recognised, standardised list) need to be listed on the label as do all ingredients.

Where toys are concerned, the CE mark is an important consideration although perhaps more important is to label products clearly when they are not intended for use as toys. This is often the case with crafted items and labelling avoids an item being bought as a toy when it is not suitable for a child under 14 years of age, e.g. dolls made for display, cushions with cartoon embroidery, handbags or tote bags aimed at youngsters and children.

David and Natalie have produced a PDF of useful information which will be made available to our members. If you would like to have a copy, please contact us via the website contact form.

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