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Pontycymmer Knitters

Pontycymmer Knitters
Our Pontycymmer hub is packed with interesting crafters who have some amazing skills from poetry to wool felting, micro-beading to knitting and crochet. However, it is the knitting that demands a mention!
Many years ago, women would sit and darn their husband’s woollen socks. I remember my grandmother darning my grandad’s socks with a big wooden darning ‘mushroom.’ Not infrequently, his socks were also hand knitted on four needles or sometimes, on two needles. I have knitted gloves on four needles myself, years ago, but had completely forgotten about the technique until recently.
What a lovely surprise to find that quite a few of the ladies in Pontycymmer are knitting socks, with some beautiful shades of sock wool. Some knit on four needles and some on two and the socks produced are simply stunning! When we live in this rather ‘disposable’ age and buy cheap socks and underwear on the basis that if they don’t last very long we can ‘throw them away,’ how refreshing it is to come across ladies who are making socks that are not only beautifully soft and attractive but very functional and practical too.
There are beautiful natural colours of yarn, subtle blues and grey-greens as well as some lovely wool that looks like Fairisle once knitted up and is actually only plain/purl knitting but just beautifully designed and coloured wool. The socks produced are, of course, totally unique and outstanding to wear.
So, if you would like to learn how to knit socks on either four or two needles, I can say with total confidence that our Pontycymmer ladies would be delighted to show you how it’s done. Knitting with four needles may look very difficult, but once you have been shown it’s not so bad. It may take you a few attempts to perfect it but our knitting ladies are very friendly and dextrous and will get you on the road to success in no time!

If you would like to attend the Pontycymmer craft hub for a friendly get together and some crafting, please contact Alison on 07951 106449 or Claire on 0799 9802076
We meet on alternate Tuesdays at 10.30am until 12 noon in the Halo Leisure Centre.

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