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Jane Martin Beever

Category: Felting, Mixed Craft

Have you Felt Passionate about your Creativity?
Creativity of most kinds has in some way played a part in my life for as long as I can remember. Although I have not really been able to put my finger on what I wanted to do. In my twenties, I attended music college and qualified as a teacher and spent the next 22 years working in Welsh medium primary schools. My mother was always knitting and sewing, usually making beautiful clothes for me. It has been no surprise that my interests have followed in her footsteps. But it doesn’t stop there, my ancestor, the master bard namely Sion Bradford (1706 - 1750) [and teacher of Wil Hopkin and Iolo Morganwg and others of ‘Beirdd Tir Iarll’,] of Pandy Fulling Mill, Llangeinor, was a weaver, a fuller and a dyer. Textiles in some shape or form are in my blood. More recently, after finding my soul mate and collaborator in most things, I revisited my childhood ‘favourites’ ~ water, soap, wool. It just took a long time to put them all together! My passion for wet felting emerged like a butterfly from its cocoon, I wanted to felt daily, it was as if I had 30 years to catch up on. I have learned my skills by attending wet felting classes, workshops and felt school and of course the internet. I am still in awe of felting, I especially like working with resists, creating bags, purses and hats. Nuno felted scarves are by far my favourite way to work. Felting is my meditation, my addiction! When I've had a few days on a sewing project, the craving for felting pops up and reveals my passion for wool, water and soap and what happens when they are combined and what I can make with it. A passion for felting has brought me on a journey of love for nature’s resources and the possibilities are endless.
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